Schools & Groups


We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and interest with other people. By using a range of learning styles, we are able to deliver our events in a way that is engaging and accessible to your audience. Subjects can be presented as talks, courses or workshops and can be any length. They can be designed to generate interest, teach knowledge, or train in practical skills.

We both work regularly with young people aged between 5 and 18 and have a wealth of experience in delivering interactive and informative sessions be it an after school museum club or one-off practical session. These can be tailored to the age and level of understanding of the children and certain areas can also be linked to the National Curriculum such as

  • Light
  • Science
  • History
  • English
  • Art


We also offer talks for groups such as Local and Family History Societies. These talks can be specific to what the group is interested in or more general. Recent examples of these are:

  • Care of Historic Textiles
  • How not to Destroy your Heirlooms (our most popular talk)
  • Paintings Conservation

Most of our workshops are suitable for the general public and can help to give them the skills and knowledge to look after their own precious objects for the future. 

A full list can be found here or contact us for further information.