Labelling and Marking

Learn how to safely label and accession mark your objects using a variety of methods.


What is Integrated Pest Management? Learn to identify pests and damage.


Following on from IPM1 - a more in-depth look at identification of bugs and pests and learn about treatment methods and solutions.

Environmental Control & Monitoring

What do we mean by Environment and why do you need to monitor it? Learn simple and inexpensive methods of control.

Handling & Packing

More objects are damaged by poor handling than by anything else. Learn safe methods of handling and museum quality packing.

Conservation Cleaning & Housekeeping

Are the products you use to clean your museum damaging your objects? Learn how to clean for long term preservation.

Emergency Planning

Don't allow your objects or museum to be damaged or lost through not knowing what to do. Learn how to create an Emergency Plan specific to your museum or historic house.

Emergency Planning for your team

Give your team confidence to deal with problems quickly and safely. An on-site course using your own Emergency Plan.

Emergency Salvage

If you are unfortunate enough to have an emergency caused by fire or water, following this course, you will know how to minimise the damage to a broad range of materials in your collection.

Textiles Care

Severe damage can be caused to textiles through poor storage and mounting for display; learn how to avoid the common mistakes.


Learn how to manage COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) in your museum or historic house including how to write COSHH Assessments.

Plastics & Modern Material Care

Many of these materials are self destructive; what can you do to preserve them?